Nowadays, with the developing world, people from everywhere are utilizing the WWW( World Wide Web) from different kinds of gadgets like PC, Laptop or smartphones. Digital Era makes our work easy but sometimes our data or our digital mediums like PC, Laptop or smartphone will be hacked by executed hackers. Since every single information of us exists in the online form of social media accounts, banking information, and all other personals. For security you should select webroot.com/safe security.

webroot.com/safe –  Webroot software is one of the proven best Antivirus Software. Webroot antivirus products are developed with the primary goal of providing a client with genuine feelings of serenity about online security. If you have any device or system and you are using the internet then you must have antivirus software. Save your system and devices from such threats, install www.webroot.com/safe and secure your system.

Indications That Your Computer Needs A Security Product : webroot.com

  • Device’s speed is very sluggish and hangs often
  • Sensitive Data
  • Lots of ads and persistent pop-ups
  • Sluggish performance resulting & delayed response from applications
  • Loss of data
  • System reboots by itself persistently
  • Software get corrupt
  • Operating System Corrupt

If you are facing any above of the issue, it means the device needs a perfect webroot antivirus. Install webroot and amount of delay can cause further deterioration in your device’s performance. So do not wait and get webroot.com/safe security.

System requirement for Webroot Antivirus Installation

For Windows:

Windows operating system

Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (all Editions)


128MB (Minimum), 2GB (Recommended) ​


Google Chrome (32-bit and 64-bit)

Simple instructions to install webroot.com/safe

For Windows: webroot.com/safe

Follow the below instructions to download webroot product:

  • Visit to www.webroot.com/safe.
  • If you have webroot account already then login with credentials or if you don’t have then create a new one.
  • After, login choose a Webroot setup product and click on it to download.
  • When it downloading, wait for some moments.
  • wsainstall.exe file will install automatically
  • Find the downloaded file in your device and open it.
  • Now you will need to click on agree and install option.
  • Choose installation options.
  • Locate it at a desktop at then enter key code and follow the option to complete the installation process.

For Mac:

operating system

OS X 10.9,10.10,10.11, macOS 10.12 (Sierra®), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra


128MB (Minimum), 2GB (Recommended) ​

Hard Disk Space


For Mac: webroot.com/safe

  • Visit to www.webroot.com/safe.
  • First, you login in your webroot account or if you not have account create it and then login.
  •  After, login choose a Webroot setup product and click on it to download.
  • Locate your file wsamac.dmg and double-click to begin installation.
  • Check the downloaded file in your device folder and open it.
  • Now you will need to click on agree and install option.
  • Choose installation options.
  • Locate it at a desktop at then enter key code and follow the option to complete the installation process.

Where do you find 20 digits Activation codes?

Webroot 20 digits activation key code including in retail cards. You can also find activation code by scratching on the back of the retail card which is covered in silver linings. If you buy it online then webroot sends the activation code on your e-mail which you provide to the seller. After that, you need to visit www.webroot.com/safe.

Note: If you are using an older version of webroot.com/safe antivirus then uninstall it first from your device. Remove it from the computer and then restart it.

Problems while downloading or Installation Webroot Antivirus

The Keycode  gets ripped: Webroot new users have to scratch key code very gently otherwise key code gets ripped off. If this happens, the user can try some possible combination of that or contact the same store where you bought this security.

Showing Older expired webroot: After the successful installation, your subscription is not showing? Do not worry about that, in this case, the user should reinstall webroot means remove it first from Control Panel and install it again with proper www.webroot.com/safe instructions.

Problems in scanning the PC:   This is one of the most common problems found by users. You can fix by updating the program or software, or changing the configurations or reinstall webroot antivirus.

Webroot stops to update by automatically: If your antivirus has stopped updating itself, then the problem may be caused to install a corrupt file or you have not enough space or the issue of internet connection. So you have to try to expand the memory and provide a smooth internet connection to update it successfully.

Webroot Antivirus is not opening: Webroot is not opening or showing a proxy error, sometimes users may get this issue. In this case, first, check your internet connection whether you are connected to the internet or not. Still not opening then you have to contact webroot technicians.

Webroot Key Code Errors: How to fix the Webroot Activation Code

If you are continuously receiving an error message when installing the Webroot program, please check the following:

  • Are you typing the key code incorrectly? Many times the characters i/1, o/0, s/5, b/8, and others are confused when the user types the code manually.
  • When installing Webroot SecureAnywhere from a CD, make sure to note each letter or number as you type. Not sure about character then try it both ways.
  • When installing from an email, Just copy and paste the key code directly into the Webroot Application. To copy and paste your keycode, highlight the full Keycode with your mouse, right-click and select Copy from the Email. When prompted for the keycode, place your cursor in the keycode entry box, right-click, and select Paste from the context menu.
  • If the previous version of Webroot Application is installed on your system then stop that the installation of the new software. Click here for removal instructions.
  • If you are seeing the error message “The keycode could not be verified at this time. Ensure that webroot is allowed to connect to the internet and try again,’’ click here.
  • If you are receiving error FZLC00555, click here.
  • If you are receiving error FZLC00556: Invalid or Unknown Keycode, click here.

If you are a home-based user and looking for an ideal Webroot antivirus product then you can select any one of them depending on your need:


This is the basic product from Webroot which scans your PC or MACs and keeps them free from any kind of cyber threat. You check it on www.webroot.com/safe.​

Internet Security Plus

This product protects your login ids and passwords as well and is ideal for PC, MACs as well as smartphones. ​

How are Webroot Products Beneficial for Your Business:

Webroot antivirus protects you all-round protection from every kind of cyber attack from any point.  For example, when you send a mail it passes through several points on the internet before reaching the recipient. Your mail can be intercepted at any point. Also, the majority of the emails contain phishing links, viruses or other malware. The multi-vector protection ensures that your machine is protected at all points.

Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform provides aid and assistance to all kinds of businesses by providing accuracy, context organizations, and vendors that are required by the businesses to be safe themselves and to offer a secure and reliable online space to their customers

Webroot Security products:-

For Windows– Virus protection and Antispam

For Mac– Antivirus and Phishing protection

For Android– Protection against data thieves and Internet Security

The protective shield for your Windows PC- webroot.com/safe

Protection against new viruses- Webroot Antivirus diagnose how a file behaves and detects unknown and new malware

Seamless Security- Our internet security technology diagnose whether vulnerabilities in your apps are being exploited and closes the main entry point for malware

Safe from Hackers- Ransomware is on the rise, Webroot Antivirus protects you against hackers

Extra safety for your MAC- Webroot Setup for Mac

Phishing Protection– Safeguard your Mac against spyware attacks and protect your bank data and credential details.

Regular Virus signature Updates– Complete protection of all time- against even the latest threats. 

Network Protection– Detect of Windows Viruses, Ensure that your Mac does not turn into a gateway for other computers in the network.

Disclaimer: www.enweboot.comis an independent technical support service provider company for third party products, brands and service. The brand names, images, trademarks, products and services of third parties mentioned on this website are only for referential purposes and www.enwebroot.com has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressed specifically. The services we offer are also available on the website of the brand owner.

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